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noun as in mollusk

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noun as in shellfish

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Reader Orlando Saint-Sebastien was surprised to learn that snails have tongues and asked how sticky they are.

They had the same shape as venom proteins from spiders and cone snails, Vetter says.

She put the snails in her water tunnel and observed how well they were able to cling to different surfaces.

After Glanzman’s team administered a “reminder” shock to the snails, the researchers were surprised to quickly notice different, newer synaptic connections growing between the neurons.

With it, researchers have edited genes in a wide variety of animals, including dogs, mice, snails, cows and mosquitoes.

Most days, I might as well be studying some obscure species of sea snail.

The Daily Pic: James Nares slows Manhattan's rat race to a snail's pace.

The way to understand memory processing is not through Marcel Proust, as Kandel discovered in the 1960s, but through a sea snail.

The green damp hung upon the low walls, and the tracks of the snail and slug glistened in the light; but all was still as death.

They were well-to-do folk and, according to Cesar Birotteau who knew them, old man Crottat was as "close as a snail."

As a snail which melteth, let every one of them pass away, like the untimely birth of a woman, that they may not see the sun.

Aye, there it was, slowly winding up the steep white road, on which it seemed to move at a snail's pace.

And in some respects that something that looked so very much like a railway resembled not so much a snail as a snake.


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