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You may have noticed droplets of water skittering around on the film of hot oil when you’re frying something in a skillet.

These eight-legged critters scale walls and skitter on ceilings, clinging in seemingly impossible ways.

Scorpions use tiny hairs on their legs and body to sense vibrations and will likely skitter into a safe hiding place before you even see them.

Researchers will unsettle the pond bottom and the beetles float to the surface, where they skitter around upside-down, he explains.

Let the green stalks spurt and skitter across the skillet just until they turn bright green with a few spotty blisters.

Moving another notch down caused the picture to skitter back and forth on the screen.

When you quit Skitter Bend, like the whipped cur you wus, I wus right hot on your trail.

We saw the ruffled grouse whir through the thickets and the wild ducks skitter down the stream ahead of us.

He divided with me, told me to fasten one upon the end of my line and skitter it over the water.

Skitter and spit dust—use it all, but keep us clear for three minutes!


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