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For example, there’s only so many strings you can daisy-chain together before you risk a short circuit.

If there’s a way to integrate data not currently integrated, note the omission, see if it’s possible to integrate missing data and if it’s not possible, note the short circuit and make sure all stakeholders are on the same page.

Criteriums are fast multi-lap races held on short circuits, often in urban areas, where fans can see riders go by again and again.

COBINA President Altagracia Tamayo told La Voz de la Frontera, a local newspaper, it appears as though an electrical short circuit in one of the shelter’s bedrooms sparked the fire.

The board could not determine with certainty the genesis of the explosion but cited a short circuit as a probable cause.

What eludes investigators is what triggered the short circuit.

This sort of sustained engagement can short-circuit racially triggered instances of the confirmation bias, wrote Dobbin.

The post concluded, “Question: short memory or short-circuit?”

I watched Islamaphobes tiny brains short circuit when they realized the suspects were white and Muslim.

“Stuff goes wrong and people short-circuit, for sure,” Van Tassell says.

No, sir, but Im inclined to think it is the insulation that has worn and caused a short circuit somewhere.

I left there as soon as you did, right after the short circuit, said Jarrold, turning red under Jacks direct gaze.

What would you do if a short circuit developed while on the road?

Short-circuit something, that was the idea, create a confusion—and trust to escaping in the midst of it?

It would not necessarily short-circuit the current and the damage would be too readily laid at his door.


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