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verb as in pull away; split from

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The flags honored the date when North Carolina seceded from the Union.

When southern states seceded, causing a Civil War in the United States, these slaveholding tribal members fought with the Confederacy, as others sided with the Union or tried to remain neutral.

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The seven states that seceded before Inauguration Day 1861 interpreted that policy position as the first step to abolishing slavery altogether.

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Seven states had already seceded from the Union to set up an “alternate” government, as Holzer put it in an interview.

He didn’t say where he’s heard anyone float the notion of states seceding, let alone spell out how such a neo-Civil War separation might take place.

A third group, Al-Hirak Al Janoubi, is gaining ground with calls for southern Yemen to secede.

Hongkongers aren't asking to secede from China, but Beijing's faulty calculus is only alienating the city.

I voted today because after what happened in Odessa and Mariupol, unity of Ukraine is impossible and it is better to secede.

This time, the heirs of the Confederacy have learned that is more effective to suborn the government than secede.

Voters in a corner of Colorado will vote Tuesday on whether to secede from the state.

Louisiana may secede, if she choose, form a foreign alliance, and hold the mouth of the Mississippi.

No one answered to the alleged fear of oppression and tyranny that the State could nullify or secede.

Quincys declaration contains no assertion of the sovereignty of a State, or right to secede at will.

Her convention, called for the purpose of considering the matter, voted not to secede.

For an hour or two he thought that he must gently secede from all private councils with the Prime Minister.


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