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This riddle is best solved by asking an actual small-business owner.

The riddle was reported August 14 in Physical Review Letters.

Just as the denominator in the original riddle was 53, here it was N3.

Sounds like the makings of another riddle…Congratulations to Tobias Tapirello of Budapest, Hungary, winner of last week’s Riddler Classic.

To solve the riddle, Hofgartner and his colleagues revisited data from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, the Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia and the Cassini spacecraft.

Dickinson did this as a game and a test—she loved riddles and turned herself into a riddle wrapped in her own lines.

The question, almost akin to a riddle, is certainly a relevant one to anybody in a creative field.

Able-bodied people rarely notice the barriers that riddle the world which keep the disabled from participating in society.

When Scott Kleinberg wrote about the riddle for The Chicago Tribune, he changed the answer.

Some will send paragraph-long descriptions of why the riddle is ‘flawed.’

Men of science strove to read the riddle of life; to guide and to succour their fellow creatures.

To him who flees love, its nature is explicable; to you, who are still under its influence, it remains a riddle.

It was on them that I began to spell out those signs which to the learned reveal a few faint traces of the Mighty Riddle.

The dossier is not complete, but, such as it is, it furnishes a riddle in which the supernatural appears to play a part.

I like secrets—especially those which concern women—well enough to have amused myself by seeking the clue to the riddle.


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