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On November 17, A24 released Horror Caviar, a cookbook that exploits and embraces our conflicting repulsion and craving for food as horror.

From Eater

Such descriptions imply a sort of simultaneous repulsion and attraction.

That event unlocked an unprecedented global wave of rage and repulsion.

Amino acid chains collapse—or fold—into a structure based on electrochemical rules of attraction and repulsion between molecules.

From Fortune

Repulsion by Polanski is one of my real inspirations of several of his films.

My dad and Carlos had another thing in common: their repulsion at sentimentality.

Better for all of us that it dies a natural death from simple repulsion and lack of interest.

Seeing it gave me the same feeling of unease and repulsion I had whenever witnessing self-flagellation.

Then anger stirred in him, and quenched the sorrow with which at first he had marked the signs of her repulsion.

But there are other laws, the power of repulsion, for instance, whose omission would be equally fatal.

Mr. Peck leaned over the corpse, revealing none of the repulsion that Ward was sure he would exhibit.

He would have seized her, but a quick, passionate gesture of repulsion kept him back.

A shiver of repulsion, for him and his killings, ran over her.


On this page you'll find 46 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to repulsion, such as: abhorrence, abomination, antipathy, aversion, denial, and detestation.

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