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The longer it takes to stop a snake’s venom from moving through the victim’s body, the more damage occurs.

The tissue maxim is especially true for bites from vipers and other snakes with venoms that target the blood and soft tissues and thus tend to cause more physical damage.

Destruction begins from the moment of a bite, and the cocktail of proteins and other molecules in the venom will continue to ravage until the immune system produces enough antibodies to remove or destroy those toxins.

He’s a retired entomologist in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an interest in hornets and venoms.

The team also performed preliminary biochemical tests on the fluid in the newfound glands, and discovered that it contains phospholipase A2 enzymes, a large group of fat-chopping proteins that are frequent components in animal venoms.

Now he earns millions spouting venom on Fox News about immigrants, women, gays and lesbians, and anyone else.

Olivia: At home, I found myself staring at a jar of snake venom skin product.

But who wants to come home to snake venom and a bowl of steamed kale?

It talks about her agoraphobia and her diabetes, as well as her recent court testimony, all without judgment or venom.

"Most of the venom that is spewed at us comes from our own people, which I think says a lot," says Paddy.

Edna looked down at Mademoiselle Reisz and wondered how she could have listened to her venom so long.

This the colored people must bear in mind, and keep clear of the hideous thing, lest its venom may be test upon them.

It is strange that the matter with regard to the venom of toads has not been yet settled.

Slander had lost its sting, and malice its venom, at least for the present hour.

To his surprise, the agent's tone did not reveal a great amount of venom.


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