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He’s no match to the original C-3PO’s fluency in 6 million forms of communication, but he’s got full linguistic mastery and can learn from humans like humans do—from observation and imitation, whether it’s using sarcasm or sticking dishes into slots.

Of course, when a student posts a split-second video of the gesture, that sarcasm is lost amid viral context collapse.

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There are also plenty of mom accounts drenched in sarcasm, illustrating what a hot mess the maternal experience can be.

So I’ve tried not to be sarcastic because sarcasm and humor do not translate.

We try to always keep the self-deprecation in it because that optimism we feel about people does not have room for sarcasm or negativity.

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Lou's valedictory has been acclaimed, without sarcasm, as baseball's Gettysburg Address.

Friedman is acutely aware of the thin line between soap opera and sarcasm.

A spectre is haunting the internet—the spectre of Open Sarcasm.

But it is the quest of a father and son to invent a symbol for sarcasm that will live in infamy.

The written word has question marks and exclamation points to document those thoughts, BUT sarcasm has NOTHING!

A vein of shrewd and humorous sarcasm, together with an under-current of quiet selfishness, made him a very pleasant companion. '

He had often been floored by argument and coughed down by contempt, but he seemed alike insensible to sarcasm and to insult.

His manner disconcerts me; but the sarcasm of his words and the offensive tone rouse my resentment.

Avoid sarcasm; it will, unconsciously to yourself, degenerate into pertness, and often downright rudeness.

I see you were not, said the stranger, an expression of quiet sarcasm playing about his mouth, or you would have known my name.


On this page you'll find 62 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to sarcasm, such as: banter, bitterness, contempt, cynicism, derision, and irony.

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