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noun as in point

noun as in pointed comment

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Wind barbs Wind barbs are the most visible portion of a station plot.

A wind barb contains half lines, full lines, and flags to denote wind speeds.

A patch with smaller barbs punctured the slim stem of a tomato plant.

To make the microneedle’s barbs, the researchers took advantage of a curious effect of this type of 3-D printing.

On exposure to ultraviolet light, the barbs curved downward.

Jon was a big fan and he spent hours planning responses to every possible barb.

Bills are piling up in an Iowa court case, Heki v. Bachmann, filed by another former Bachmann staffer, Barb Heki.

But every barb is delivered with a wink—and a chiseled, dashing smile.

The Daily Pic: Barb Choit shows us old images as they fade to black – or cyan.

Even an exchange on gun control enabled Obama to recycle a barb once used against John Kerry, who played Romney in debate prep.

Accordingly he carries to court a beautiful barb, and requests his majesty's acceptance of it.

Some had one good edge, or a point or barb, while the other parts of the same stones showed only the natural form and fracture.

This time he had received a genuine wound, with poison upon the barb of the arrow that had pierced him.

He held in his hand a curious wooden spear with a loose barb tipped with the tusk of a walrus.

In form it belongs to Class A of stemmed implements, is lozenge-shaped, without shoulder or barb.


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