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noun as in nail of animal; tool shaped like nail of an animal

verb as in scratch, tear at

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Example Sentences

Try not to use a towel for this, as bats’ tiny claws can get caught in the fabric’s loops.

At first glance, it appeared to be the scene of a classically gruesome bear mauling—gnashing jaws, torn flesh, crushed bones, the grim outcome of pitting fist against claw.

I curled my hand into a cat’s claw and looked, unsure what I was looking for.

Some have killer claws or jaws, some have camouflage, some taste bad or spew poison.

It’s apparent in the claw back from a 4-9 start to conference play.

My sisters Rosa and Liz called it “the claw,” lovingly at times, and at other times I was not so sure.

The dragon, now dangling by a claw from the edge of the sand tray, is on the cusp of defeat.

My personal favorite—by which I mean least favorite—is the still-underrated phenomenon of selfie claw hand.

Are we looking at some sort of formal discrimination – a Jim Claw system?

Yes, the agency did try to claw back some of the money it gave out after Katrina, Rita, and Wilma, reports Michael Moynihan.

In the middle of his singing he felt the cold touch of the Crab's claw on the apple of his throat.

The woman holds in her claw-like hand a half-empty bottle of cheap red wine.

She laughed still more when the parrot took a piece of cake in his claw, and ate it, bit by bit, as nicely as she could herself.

Two of the fingers, or the thumb and finger had been enlarged or grafted into a bone-like semblance of a crab's claw.

A dying man raised one horrible crab claw to me, called out my name!


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