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noun as in finger

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My husband 3-D printed a splint for me to keep me from holding my devices with my pinky.

Some responses to us were kindly meant, like when the sanitary workers loading our garbage onto their truck saw me transfer Otto into the car and applauded as if I’d stuck the landing on a triple axel while holding him up by my pinky.

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Starting from your pinky finger, use your other hand to feel where any pain or stiffness might be coming from, and continue all the way up to your shoulder.

When looking for an ergonomic mouse for arthritis, choose a vertical mouse model that allows the hand and wrist to sit in a natural position, angled with the pinky finger closer to the desk surface.

Clench your jaw a couple of times—you’ll feel your temporalis contract around your ring and pinky fingers.

Offers Ukraine aid package of… (twisting pinky finger in the corner of his mouth and grinning madly) …ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

But, unbeknownst to the Italians, the men in the boat—identified as Ajesh “Pinky” Bink and Jelestine—were not pirates after all.

They were hired to write for the TV series Casper the Friendly Ghost, which led to writing for Pinky and the Brain.

In this cozy twosome, digitally pinky-linking, plot is beside the point.

I can see Thurston Romney III sticking his delicate pinky out of the trigger guard, asking his maid to iron his bullets.

Leander asked Pinky Binn if he had eleven apples and multiplied them by five how many was they left.

Carson went up-stairs and searched the closet until he found the pinky-yellow gown with the black velvet bows.

He stood about five foot three in his pumps, had a nice pinky complexion, pretty wavy hair, and a curly mustache.

Pinky hops up on the bowsprit, and runs along to the fo'castle head, an' then I seen she was real.

Pinky allows that pa's been et up, an' she havin' no brothers is by all the rules o' the game queen o' Aranuka.


On this page you'll find 13 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to pinky, such as: claw, ring finger, thumb, digit, extremity, and feeler.

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