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These individuals could not fight back in real life, so they’d later use their computers to get a fictional revenge.

They weren’t looking for revenge, said Chandler Pappas, who was standing just behind his friend Danielson when Reinoehl shot him.

We can easily see how the desire for vengeance may motivate someone to believe that revenge is morally appropriate, or the desire for wealth may motivate someone to believe that inequalities are justified, whether or not these moral claims are true.

It’s a story of a woman who decides she has, at last, had enough of the abusive, stifling, cruel men she must live with — her domineering father-in-law and dissipated husband — and takes her revenge.

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In a fit of rage and revenge, his father Izanagi proceeded to lop off Kagutsuchi’s head – and the spilled blood led to the creation of even more kami, including martial thunder gods, mountain gods, and even a dragon god.

In their past calls for attacks on Western targets, AQAP has focused on putting bombs on planes, not revenge attacks.

Only one other Star Wars film has earned a PG-13 rating, the 2005 prequel Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

If they really wanted to get revenge they should have gone to Staten Island and found the cops that killed Eric Garner.

Bloodthirsty calls for revenge have filled Facebook and Twitter.

To hurt them at their safe haven and homes—such an attack is perfect revenge.

All immediate danger having now been dispelled, the Spaniards solaced themselves with the sweets of revenge.

Gourges fitted out three vessels and 150 soldiers at his own expense to revenge their death, and repair the honor of his nation.

Every word she breathed, every anathema she denounced, seemed urged by the quick revenge of Duke Wharton!

Humanity must bench with justice; or punishment itself becomes crime, and degenerates into revenge.

But it should not be by embracing revenge through the treasons, whose arms were extended to receive and to avenge him.


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