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put upon

[ poo t-uh-pon, -pawn ]SEE DEFINITION OF put upon
  • as inoppress
  • as inbeleaguer

Synonyms for put upon

  • afflict
  • annoy
  • beat down
  • harass
  • maltreat
  • overwhelm
  • persecute
  • pick on
  • prey on
  • subjugate
  • suppress
  • torment
  • torture
  • trample
  • vex
  • abuse
  • aggrieve
  • burden
  • crush
  • dishearten
  • dispirit
  • distress
  • encumber
  • force
  • handicap
  • harry
  • hound
  • outrage
  • overcome
  • overload
  • overpower
  • overthrow
  • plague
  • press
  • ride
  • rule
  • sadden
  • saddle
  • smother
  • strain
  • tax
  • trouble
  • worry
  • wrong
  • despotize
  • keep down
  • put down
  • put screws to
  • put the squeeze on
  • tyrranize
  • weigh heavy upon

Antonyms for put upon

  • aid
  • assist
  • comfort
  • help
  • make happy
  • please
  • soothe
  • benefit
  • calm
  • compliment
  • delight
  • encourage
  • give in
  • inspirit
  • leave alone
  • let go
  • praise
  • release
  • surrender
  • yield
  • boost
  • gladden
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And why may I not think that I am now put upon a proper exercise of it?

No price were too great to pay for a wrong such as that which he had put upon her.

This sentence was as humiliating and mortifying as anything that could be put upon him.

Games of address are not to be put upon a footing with games of hazard.'

The bag that held him was closed and a seal was put upon it by the Maharajah.

But the responsibility which this put upon me made me timid.

The strong restraint I have put upon my hands has been enough to palsy them.

One's first thought was that at least a bit of road-metal might have been put upon it.

I am thinking of the curse that Mother Church has put upon this house.

His blood boiled at the construction which she put upon the matter.


late Old English *putian, implied in putung "instigation, an urging," literally "a putting;" related to pytan "put out, thrust out" (of eyes), probably from a Germanic stem that also produced Danish putte "to put," Swedish dialectal putta; Middle Dutch pote "scion, plant," Dutch poten "to plant," Old Norse pota "to poke."

Meaning "act of casting a heavy stone overhead" (as a trial of strength) is attested from c.1300. Obsolete past tense form putted is attested 14c.-15c. To put down "end by force or authority" (a rebellion, etc.) is from c.1300. Adjective phrase put out "angry, upset" is first recorded 1887; to put out, of a woman, "to offer oneself for sex" is from 1947. To put upon (someone) "play a trick on, impose on" is from 1690s. To put up with "tolerate, accept" (1755) was originally to put up, as in "to pocket." To put (someone) on "deceive" is from 1958.



verbharass, besiege
  • annoy
  • badger
  • bedevil
  • beset
  • blockade
  • bother
  • gnaw
  • harry
  • nag
  • persecute
  • pester
  • plague
  • put upon
  • set upon
  • siege
  • storm
  • tease
  • vex
  • worry
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.