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adjective as in not well

adverb as in unsatisfactorily

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However, as Nuismer, Bull and other researchers acknowledge, a poorly designed live virus could evolve after it was released and potentially become a pathogen again — the opposite of what researchers want.

Not surprisingly, the politicians most eager to claim the mantle of war leaders have performed poorly and lost public support.

From Fortune

N-tuples, however, did poorly for the intricacies of a face, whose appearance also varies with illumination, tilt of the head, facial expression, and the subject’s age.

Because he didn’t want poorly maintained machines to give his company a bad name, he rented the machines to his customers and included both service and support.

People who might have been helped by these researchers’ work will become disillusioned by technologies that perform poorly when it matters most.

Pitchfork called him a “a rap-obsessed misfit from a summer camp who freestyles poorly” who is “ridiculous without knowing it.”

Opened in Sept. 2002, this “poorly managed” detention facility was the second site opened by the CIA after the 9/11 attacks.

The problem, of course, is that the “me vs. not me” response can serve us poorly in the more social sense.

And the criticism is always poorly packaged as concern or some sad excuse for a compliment.

Their fighting was poorly coordinated, their weapons were vintage pieces, mostly seized from the Ukrainian military.

Scientists tell us that from the point of view of optics the human eye is a clumsy instrument poorly contrived for its work.

The door opened, and there, poorly dressed in blouse and skirt, stood Miss Anne.

It is a poorly appointed hotel that does not now have a garage of some sort, and in many cases, necessary supplies are available.

It 67 was that the piece which reads smoothly seldom acts well; whereas a play that gets over the footlights usually reads poorly.

The Liberal candidate wanted to address the colliers in one of the Lanarkshire towns; but his meeting was very poorly attended.


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