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Loyd’s on track for the best defensive rating of her career so far, and her assist percentage has even ticked up, despite playing next to a pair of primary ballhandlers in Sue Bird and Jordin Canada.

One particular sticking point was herd immunity, which occurs when a large percentage of the community is immune to a disease and ends up protecting those who aren’t.

That means the next mayor could be someone who nabs a relatively small percentage of the vote.

As the tool will also calculate the percentage of conversation dominated by each of your competitors, you can then dig deeper to analyze what the successful competitors are doing better in terms of branding.

Just a few weeks in, that CRO said, there is a slim chance they might only miss their original targets by a few percentage points.

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By 2012, Democratic President Barack Obama owned the Asian-American vote, winning it by 47 percentage points.

Most importantly, they were all deleted long before that percentage could rise any higher.

And it has a high percentage of women who say their husbands forbid them from working.

With a .700 career winning percentage as a coach in college and the NFL, Harbaugh is a winner.

About half of Turkers live in the United States, a percentage that is increasing.

Results are in terms of bulk of precipitate, which must not be confused with percentage by weight.

The weight percentage can be found by referring to Purdy's tables, given later.

The percentage of gold to the notes—the main demand liability—has, of course, fallen from about 65 to 35 per cent.

The percentage of reserves to deposits, which marks the safety line for England, refers to the items in the banking department.

When a convenient number of coffee-beans is used (any multiple of 100), the percentage calculation is extremely easy.


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