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adverb as in curiously

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Think of his increased odds when the single’s line takes 30 minutes.

Though a very difficult winter looms, the odds are good that these lifesavers will help the global economy turn the corner on the pandemic in 2021—and, with luck, trigger a recovery that’s strong enough, and broad enough, to KO both those K-shapes.

From Fortune

According to our model, the winner will see its chances of winning the NFC West leap to about 55 percent, while the loser’s odds will drop to about 15 percent.

According to US-Bookies, the record amounts wagered on the 2020 election were a key reason why betting odds for this year’s race more accurately predicted eventual outcomes than those four years ago.

From Fortune

When you think about it, the whole idea of cross-training seems a little odd.

But throughout all this, Malone describe herself as “oddly responsible,” wanting to help her moms pay the bills as young as 10.

Oddly you nurture it, it is part of you, and inescapably part of your past, present, and future.

It so oddly equates to our film, and the cultural moment we were in in 1965.

There was only one phone left and when it would ring, the bell would echo, oddly, off the walls.

He'd kept the few offices at the front of the bungalow, now oddly barren.

Oddly enough this assumption—the most warrantable of the lot—was the earliest to fall under disrepute.

Oddly enough, in that moment of anguish he thought of Hodson, the man who rode alone from Kurnaul to Meerut.

They then cough it up and use this material they have so oddly prepared in making their nests.

Then he turned suddenly, and Harris saw that his face had turned most oddly and disagreeably sinister.

But, oddly enough, as he walked back to the hotel it was just Betty Lardner who made him think again of the legend.


On this page you'll find 10 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to oddly, such as: peculiarly, queerly, strangely, inexplicably, ridiculously, and unusually.

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