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The young woman receiving Clarkson’s texts is a state employee whose job requires her to occasionally interact with the attorney general.

They have occasionally shown a willingness to swing the ball side-to-side and get Embiid good position on duck-ins, but that willingness tends not to last, and before long they are back straining to make entry passes on stagnant post-ups.

Though their defensive experiments might occasionally end in losses, they exemplify what has made this year’s squad a serious threat to get back to the NBA Finals even after losing arguably the best player in the league in Kawhi Leonard.

Small, sharpened stones were also found among grass and ash remains, suggesting that people occasionally sat on cave bedding while making stone tools.

When Sims and Humphries analyzed Berni’s results in 2015, they found that normal larvae placed on an expanse of agar containing no food occasionally moved in a way that approximated a Lévy walk.

We won't find out this season, though it comes up occasionally.

His peers remember him as a bright man who spoke softly and occasionally came across as a bit shy.

Occasionally, a level will take 20 or more strokes to complete.

Occasionally a pamphlet for a salsa class might be tossed on a doorstop or stuck on a pole near a bus stop.

A male and female who do most of the mating dominate packs, and younger subordinates only breed occasionally.

He conducts this ceremony with the greatest solemnity, occasionally pronouncing these incantatory words, "Plate or shell, sah?"

Occasionally this artist has painted genre subjects, but her real success has not been in this direction.

Occasionally the nucleus is irregular in shape, "clover-leaf" forms being not infrequent.

Occasionally, over a narrow stream, a frail footbridge would be built.

Occasionally faint sounds came from the distance—the movements of cleaners at work, a raised voice, the slamming of a door.


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