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Another striking aspect of Göbekli Tepe is an apparent obsession with death.

In fact, as a new opinion piece in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy notes, the rise of GPS watches has only strengthened our obsession with tracking mileage.

I have developed an absolute obsession with this space and brand, and our team feels the same way.

From Fortune

For starters, Kondrat said that store employees are often incentivized to just appease belligerent customers in store because of retailers’ obsession with online ratings, and it can be hard to break leadership of that habit.

From Digiday

In context, it’s a gentle admonition over an obsession with youth and beauty, but it can easily be seen in a broader sense.

The attempt to “breed back” the Auroch of Teutonic legend was of a piece with the Nazi obsession with racial purity and eugenics.

Nicki treats the obsession with her pop ambitions as an irrelevant, surface-level irritation.

You write about your obsession with sneakers—why do you think so many young men are into sneakers?

Sweden explores new frontiers in our misguided, foolish, pointless obsession with rating and censoring entertainment.

Du Pont would become fully immersed in one field—like birds—before moving on to his next obsession.

He started a guerilla campaign against the obsession with the aid of the brandy bottle.

It signified that he had definitely given up pretending that he had the power of shaking off the obsession.

"Look here, old man, this superstitious nonsense is becoming an obsession to you," it said one fine April morning.

Talpers played heavily on the lynching, because he knew the fear of the mob had become an obsession with McFann.

It's a kind of obsession, and it often means life or death, whether the mascot can stand the strain of the situation.


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