[ adjective, verb kuhm-pleks, kom-pleks; noun kom-pleks ]SEE DEFINITION OF complexes

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We may not be unhappy, neurotic, mad; our complexes must be inspected.

Now what I mean about Old Crow is, that his complexes are like yours—or rather yours are like his.

All past experiences are conserved within us in the form of complexes.

Every memory you have is an illustration of such "complexes."

There are, then, conscious complexes and subconscious complexes, complexes of consciousness and complexes of subconsciousness.

The Subconscious Storehouse And of the complexes of subconsciousness, some are far more readily recalled than others.

The species Dipodomys ordii is divisible into six complexes, or groups, of subspecies on both geographic and morphological bases.

When a mood or system of complexes drives out all other moods, one becomes "a different person."

War is a profound and rapid maker of mental attitudes and of complexes that are quick to develop and slow to pass away.

No one doubts that there is energy in the living thing, nor that there are what the author calls "complexes of energies."