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noun as in loop

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Williams was a moderator for the board and owner of its Web address, so he removed the noose instructions.

During the riot at the Capitol in January, some people attending the rally erected a noose outside the building.

Others had plastic handcuffs, suggesting the noose fashioned from TV cords nearby might have been more than a prop.

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You can use a solid 550 cord strand on snare nooses and triggers.

The huge owl moved away from us with awkward bounds along the broad, snowy bank, dragging the noose carpet with it, until finally, when we were only meters away, the raptor spun onto its back on the river’s edge.

According to reports, two white men approached the statue in the early morning and placed a tight noose on its neck.

The cover image of your book—a dangling badge—resembles a noose, understandably so.

But for Israel the “Arab Spring” represents  a dramatic, abrupt tightening of the noose.

It has recently ruled over the country with an iron fist, increasingly solidifying its noose on civil rights and governance.

Tighten this noose and make Khartoum a very small place to live.

But Chipper was a bright young man, and he found a way of using a spear-noose so that he could throw as well as Bighorn.

The spear-noose was a great help to hunters whose hands were not large and strong.

A small loop, slipped over the point of the lower stick, held the noose in position.

Before I could make a beginning at freeing my hands a noose fell over my head and clutched at my throat.

"A Greaser crept up behind me, sir, and threw a noose that got tangled around my windpipe," replied Private Simms.


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