Thesaurus / movements


The case has been different with the movements induced by contact with Christian forms of belief.

Movements that tend to put the damaged ligaments on the stretch also cause pain.

Momentarily, now, there was an increasing assurance apparent in the movements of the man.

Joan ThursdayLouis Joseph Vance

It is difficult, then, to see how these two movements can long keep apart.

Socialism As It IsWilliam English Walling

Then for a while both remained silent, with the lorgnettes to their eyes, following the movements of the soldiers along the road.

The Free LancesMayne Reid

He made the acquaintance of the four recluses, and watched their movements and studied their habits with much diligence.

The public mind was divided and the utterances and movements of every public man were closely scanned.

Hidden TreasuresHarry A. Lewis

If they know nothing of the latter's movements they cannot accidentally transmit information.

The Long RollMary Johnston

This loafing about and waiting upon the movements of Government officials is the hardest work I ever tried to do.

But the movements of the Muscovite conquerors have none of the torrent rush of those great invasions of the past.


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