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They say the need is by far the greatest among these modest-income families and the economic boost will be much larger if the money goes to lower-income families because they are likely to spend it right away.
You would have made more money by using that money to buy a modest house, as the median American home has appreciated more than that over that timeframe.
Not for the first time, bold climate plans require modest financial risks.
Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona don’t seem inclined to support even modest filibuster reform, at least right now.
On days when the surf is firing—or when I’m feeling more modest—it’s nice to have a reliable one-piece that I know will stay in place no matter how big the wave or wipeout.
Get 60 people to suddenly show up at a small store and shop for some random item and the effect is dramatic, even if the scale is modest in human terms.
In the video, he plays up his modest roots, recalling his move as a boy from the Richmond area to Virginia Beach after his father lost his job.
Midterms are generally very tough on a president’s party, and Republicans need only the most modest of gains to take back both chambers.
The physicists may contemplate billions of self-consistent universes that do not have planets or stars or living material, but we should not neglect our own modest universe and the fact of our own existence.
Others housed modest numbers of students but taught remotely.


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