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adjective as in informal, simple

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The folksy in Anderson’s work is always an on-ramp to the absurd, the matter of fact always a path to the fantastic.

His father’s death is something Ted won’t quite look at, and his refusal to so much as think about what happened to him has made him the folksy charmer he is, at the expense of his own mental health.

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The coach was imbued with emotional complexity and some Kansan kindness, plus a knack for pop culture references and folksy adages.

His wit, directness and folksy language were put on display as the Bush administration’s most spirited spokesman.

He is very much a successor to former City Council President Sherri Lightner, who had a folksy protectionist approach to the job.

Oprah so enjoyed his folksy demeanor and words of wisdom that she invited him onto her show.

Jokes aside, the folksy, blunt-talking Republican had a real affinity and passion for the issue.

He grew up in Montana and uses folksy phrases like “happy camper” and “total baloney.”

He relayed a set of facts that make his party's case and demolish the other party's case, and he did it in a folksy way.

The vice presidential nominee used a folksy style and policy chops to make the case against the incumbent.

He talked quite a little, and he seemed rather nice, I think—just frank and folksy, you know.

Miss Carry is a lady worth talking about, and so is Miss Jenny—none of your turned up nose, poor white folksy sort.

She's pretty and I will give in that she's folksy and sociable with us natives; it's surprisin', considerin' her bringin' up.

Seems a pretty silly job for grown-up men, but they're real pleasant and folksy.

She had on a blue wrapper, and her hair was pulled back smooth like little girls do when they want to look grown-folksy.


On this page you'll find 28 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to folksy, such as: down-to-earth, homey, low-key, rustic, unpretentious, and cozy.

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