Definition for manifestation

noun as in exhibition, proof

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Example Sentences

In practice, though, and though we regularly enjoy the lifestyle in every manifestation, it hasn’t stopped the half-truths.

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Recent work has also found evidence that pathological manifestations of trained immunity may be involved in some chronic inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative disorders.

It says that if you took away everything that exists—including spacetime—you’d still have Reality, and that everything that exists is a manifestation of Reality.

On a panpsychist version of the container view, Reality can be thought of as pure, undifferentiated consciousness, while particular manifestations of Reality are specific forms of that pure and undifferentiated consciousness.

Similarly, on the container view, if you were to entirely annihilate the physical universe—perhaps by bringing together all the matter with all the anti-matter—you wouldn’t destroy Reality, of which the universe is a manifestation.

If couples can seem smug and self-enclosed, the married single represents an even more irritating manifestation of that.

The recent spate of acid attacks on women is only the latest manifestation of this dangerous trend.

But in Hebron you see what it means in its most humiliating manifestation.

The scene is also a manifestation of her ultimate humiliation earlier in the film, when she gets her period in the school showers.

The house, like every obvious manifestation of Palmer, is ready for a full-dress inspection.

It is impossible to refrain from applauding the king for this manifestation of spirit and self-respect.

She could not but feel the triumph to which circumstances had borne her, though magnanimity restrained its manifestation.

Infidels feel the power of this manifestation of God in His word; and are driven to every possible denial of the fact.

The exuberance of the southern temperament responded quickly to the call for a manifestation of patriotic enthusiasm.

God, in the nature of man, alone could have afforded a manifestation of the Covenant adequate to its character.


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