Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


She produces many parcels and displays their strange contents.

A horse that displays any symptoms of kicking, should be held tight in hand.

Where his pocket is concerned he displays for her no special favouritism.

Taking it in the main, it is admirable, and even lovable, as he displays it.

Wherever the dragon is found, it displays a special partiality for water.

It is most interesting for the rich remains of architectural beauty which it displays.

Of Silks she displays a great amount, and they are mainly of excellent quality.

In this object he displays great perseverance and acuteness.

John, as I think I have said, displays his inside in a lamentable way.

In its inherited organisation are registered the powers which it displays at birth.


late 13c., "unfurl" (a banner, etc.), from Old French desploiir (Modern French déployer) "unfold, unfasten, spread out" (of knots, sealed letters, etc.), from Latin displicare "to scatter," from dis- "un-, apart" (see dis-) + plicare "to fold" (see ply (v.1)).

Properly of sails or flags (and unconnected to play); meaning "reveal, exhibit" is late 14c. Related: Displayed; displaying.