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You started with 0 points, and as you flipped over each card your score increased by that card’s points — as long as the joker hadn’t shown up.

Several solvers, like Emma Knight, observed that if you played optimally, you flipped over the joker and scored 0 half the time.

The moment the joker appeared, the game was over and your score was 0.

In that period of time, if you think back, almost everyone was funny, had a great sense of humor, or saw themselves as a joker.

The moment the joker appears, the game is over and your score is 0.

The series also reversed a long trend that saw the character paralyzed by the Joker and confined to a wheelchair for a decade.

Smart, so smart, and darkly handsome; a practical joker, large-hearted and fun.

Besides his obsessive preparations, Leslie introduced another tool to the bank-robbing trade —“the little joker.”

All a thief had to do was take off the dial knob on the safe and place the little joker on inside of it.

The “little joker” was a small tin wheel with a wire attached to it, which fit inside the combination of any bank safe.

What joker thought that would be a good name for an exploring ship I can't imagine, but it always happens that way.

A talented cartoonist, distinguished practical joker, and recognized as one of the kings of bon mot, he led a free and easy life.

The Joker got the best bed, as good-humoured, good-natured chaps generally do, without seeming to try for it.

I was eighteen, and I had been for a long time looked upon at the lycee as a sly practical joker.

The joker appears in the third paragraphs from the end—​Fellows Syrup of Hypophosphites.


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