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If all you did was to set up the integrals, how do you know what you are going to have for the next meal?

The remainder of the first volume relates to the Eulerian integrals and to quadratures.

We should even be puzzled to say which among all our integrals should retain the name of energy.

The difference of the two integrals will therefore be very small, and the probability will be very nearly 1/2.

It was natural to inquire whether a similar theorem holds for integrals ∫R(s, z)dz wherein s is a cubic polynomial in z.

It is needful therefore to know the essentials of ordination, from the integrals and accidentals.

The formal rules of 11 give us means for the transformation of integrals into recognizable forms.

Many instruments have been devised for registering mechanically the areas of closed curves and the values of integrals.

These integrals, called “binomial integrals,” were investigated by Newton (De quadratura curvarum).

The integrals expressing the area generated by QT have to be expanded in a series.