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What systemic measures are to be prescribed in acute urticaria?

But the systemic symptoms are by no means so important as the local.

It caused me systemic disturbance and the consequence was eye trouble.

The truncus arteriosus is moreover only divided into two parts, one of which is continuous with all the systemic arteries.

It is evident that the emboli entering the systemic circulation are usually arrested in the pulmonary capillaries.

Some hours—often, indeed, three or four days—then elapse before the systemic symptoms begin.

Amongst the systemic may be placed peculiarities of constitution or idiosyncrasy.

There does not seem to be any relation between the extent and severity of the local mischief and the systemic condition.

The probability of systemic infection from a single focus is universally admitted.

The systemic blood-circulation being completely separated from the pulmonic, the circulation is said to be double.