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adjective as in small

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He studies the infinitesimal fluctuations of light from space in hopes of locating alien planets capable of supporting life.

People were looking at infinitesimal changes in the light of immensely distant stars—reflections in brightness of a few parts per million—and calculating invisible bodies that dimmed them in transiting.

You’re going to hear all these stories about all the folks, all the people that make it big, but they’re going to be like an infinitesimal fraction of everybody else trying to do the same thing and not being able to do it.

Clausius’s discovery and definition of entropy—one of the wonders of science—relied totally on infinitesimal changes from one equilibrium state of a confined system to another.

The result is that even an infinitesimal inaccuracy in any measurement of the turbulence is enough to throw off any analysis of how it might evolve.

But of course, the percentage of Americans who know that is infinitesimal.

"The difference between clicking and not clicking is often infinitesimal, and too much wasn't clicking," he recalls.

The territory in dispute is grand in the imaginings of history and infinitesimal in geography.

Quantum theory explains the small stuff, where matter and energy divide into infinitesimal particles.

But with so little time before actual voting begins, the margin for error is infinitesimal.

And Lecky says, "Only an infinitesimal portion of the soil belongs to the descendants of those who possessed it before Cromwell."

Average Jones became vitally concerned in removing an infinitesimal speck from his left cuff.

A portion might be termed satisfaction, and a minute balance, an infinitesimal part, termed—if there is such a thing in life—joy.

These infinitesimal distinctions between man and man are too paltry for an Omnipotent being.

It is, at best, only a description of an infinitesimal bit of reality.


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