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On this page you'll find 263 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to habiliments, such as: appliance, device, gear, gizmo, machine, and machinery.

How to use habiliments in a sentence

  • Ripperda roused himself from his portentous trance, and arrayed his noble figure in the rugged habiliments of the muleteer.

  • And, as I lay on the bank and wept, there drew nigh to me a man in the habiliments of a fisher.

    Lavengro | George Borrow
  • A moment later came habiliments of a gentleman, borne in the arms of a wretch who could not wear them.

    The Landloper | Holman Day
  • He put it carefully into the deepest pocket he could find in his newly acquired habiliments and trudged on down the world.

    The Landloper | Holman Day
  • She therefore replied by glancing over her scant habiliments; but Clare gently urged her.

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