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As an aside, Mysterio gained Peter’s trust by claiming that he was a superhero who arrived on earth from a parallel universe, and then joked with his henchmen about how gullible Peter was for believing the parallel universe nonsense.

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We tend to think young children are simply more gullible due to their tender years.

You want to avoid the extremes of gullible optimism and fatalistic pessimism.

Phishing is an old technique used by online fraudsters to find people who are gullible and looking for an online lover.

Navarro and his team “appeared gullible” and there was no evidence that they even tried to negotiate a lower price, the House investigators found.

And finally, this is who most of our political press is—gullible enough to be surprised by either of the first two.

How could she—and the 56 percent of women who voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election—have been so gullible?

Some of it was just general-purpose paranoia, designed to trick money out of the pockets of the fearful and gullible.

Are you extremely gullible or are you just very, very forgiving?

She cynically manipulated her gullible enthusiasts, knowing all the while that she never intended to run.

You see the name at every turn, and the gullible Americans bite, chew, and swallow.

Poor gullible Pekka immediately suspended himself on the chain above his porridge.

To my gullible apprehension, it seems eminently appropriate.

What moved his satiric vein was that they all had to be gulled—and were all gullible.

He knew that an unduly suspicious nature is as bad as a gullible one.


On this page you'll find 50 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to gullible, such as: foolish, unsophisticated, unsuspecting, wide-eyed, being a sucker, and believing.

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