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We’d do well, then, to seek guidance from Darrel Morrison, who has spent a fruitful life designing with native flora and teaching others how to do the same.

In this regard, one of the most fruitful research approaches has involved the study of how nerve cells communicate with other cells in the body, and how various drugs might alter this communication.

Forty-seven years ago, Japan used the Olympics Opening Ceremony to announce itself to the world as a modern, fruitful society.

Transits soon overtook wobbles as the most fruitful planet-finding strategy.

To those who looked myopically only at recent years of the harvest, which had been quite sufficient, he pointed out that those years had been unusually fruitful, which masked the problem.

These are all fruitful options to pursue for any atheist interested in challenging the immoral stereotypes we have.

After a fruitful year (earning $81 total) he expanded his enterprise.

That marked the beginning of a fruitful long-term relationship with his Ethiopian clients.

Then, defying all logic, it somehow blossomed into an amazing, fruitful romance.

Reporters found that scouring the Internet for remarks made by Ukip members was proving fruitful.

Nothing, however, can save us but a union, which would turn our barren hills into fruitful valleys.

Our escort was mounted within a few minutes, and we were in full gallop over the fruitful levels of Champagne.

It seemed an unpromising subject, but they fell upon it with ardour, and found it strangely fruitful.

Why did he quit the fruitful banks of the Euphrates for a spot so remote, so barren, and so stony as Sichem?

One of the most fruitful fields for this instrument is undoubtedly stellar spectroscopy.


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