Definition for frequency

noun as in commonness, repetitiveness

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Example Sentences

This comes as fight frequency leaguewide has tapered off over the years and nosedived over the past decade.

The researchers thought higher storm frequency might shape where lizards evolved to have better grips.

The researchers pinpointed the frequency of radiation needed to make the atoms take the leap, which is equivalent to finding the size of the gap between the energy levels.

The pattern of waves, called a chirp, would increase in frequency over time.

Generating and transmitting them is difficult and expensive, requiring special lasers, and even then the frequency range is limited.

That frequency is within the range used by amateur radio operators, so anyone can listen in.

One of the biggest concerns in Europe is the frequency of air traffic with West Africa.

The agent in the security room repeats this message to those at the debate site, listening on the “Mike” radio frequency.

Despairing about the length and frequency of the many fashion weeks has become a tired refrain.

The bigger the black hole, the lower the frequency, much as it is with musical instruments.

In short, there is but one fault I find with the country, and it is a great one, I mean the frequency of earthquakes.

The secrecy of these meetings make them more enjoyable, and their length and frequency are unconsciously increased.

The frequency with which it is seen near cliffs suggests that it finds concealment under rocks.

Certainty of meaning precedes frequency of use; and this necessary confidence 238 is gained from a study of the dictionary.

Earthquakes increased in frequency until Rick and Scotty felt as though the ground never ceased shuddering.


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