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I just fell head over heels in love with these icky, slimy, flaccid worms.

I suppose that’s a testament to how good this movie is — so good that you can overlook Elgort’s aggressively flaccid performance.

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Snoring usually occurs when the flaccid muscles on one’s throat block the airways, preventing the air from flowing through a person’s nose and throat as they breathe.

It was not long before several food substitutes appeared to overflow the flaccid trays and the same notes with little hearts and phrases were once again there.

She’d pin me to the bed and lick my mouth until, exhausted from defending themselves, my mouth muscles became flaccid and I spoke comically, thorta like thif, and the whole family laughed.

In our less sexist age, Barack Obama has nevertheless found his Syria policy called “flaccid” and “impotent.”

Waiting for a taxi, he breathed in the spicy, flaccid atmosphere of the city and felt the strangeness of things around him.

There was a vicious aching in his nerves, his muscles were flaccid and unstrung; a numbness was in his brain as well.

The great hope after all lies in the knotless, rather flaccid character of the people.

His tail is not prehensile but flaccid, and half as long again as his head and body.

The two men went to the conservatory and gazed in upon a ruin of limp leaves and flaccid petals, killed by the powerful gases.

Fie, fie upon the flaccid, castrated century, that has no other use than to chew over again the deeds of the past.


On this page you'll find 39 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to flaccid, such as: debilitated, emasculated, enervated, enfeebled, epicene, and flabby.

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