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The denominator was 7,381 because that was the sum of the smallest set of integers satisfying the ratios in the problem.

If the number of actual cases stays flat and you test more, you would expect the positivity rate to decrease essentially because the denominator is getting bigger.

Numbers with large powers of p in the numerators are small, and numbers with larger powers of p in the denominators are large.

Part of the goal of the Covid-19 dashboard has been to figure out those denominators in order to draw conclusions about prevalence and risk.

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That was the numerator for our probability, while the denominator was N3.

We kind of reduce things to the lowest common denominator, in some ways for good and in some ways not for good.

The common denominator in the most violent protests against Western actions has been when Islam had been insulted.

There is already a damning common denominator between the two shootings: the Cleveland police department itself.

Lowest common denominator campaigning and dumb pandering in this country dates back to at least the presidential election of 1800.

“Let others construct an unchallenging feminism that speaks only to the smallest common denominator,” she writes.

Being a universal common denominator of all theories, it cancels out of all of them alike.

In a fortuitous assembly of such people the lowest common denominator of morality is easily adopted as the standard.

Impenetrable wilderness—reduced to a common denominator, thick woods.

She is a type, an abstraction, a common denominator of ‘creamy English girls.’

You cannot get a financial common denominator and apply it to armaments.


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