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Thoughtful consideration is given to penalties that are recommended at the end of the disciplinary process, and we believe that the department should honor that, should give deference to that.

What It Looks Like When the New York City Police Commissioner Has “Unchecked Power” Over Officer Disciplineby Mollie Simon, Lena V. Groeger, Eric Umansky and Adriana GallardoDecember 11, 2020ProPublica

That deference, along with CFIUS’s growing scope, has amplified complaints that the process could be used for nakedly political ends.

At the same time, journalists who cover the presidency — including debate moderators — have reliably held to the custom of showing deference to the officeholder.

The parish priest was received with respect and deference by all, even by the alferez.

The sisterhood, appointed by her and entirely dependent upon her liberality, would treat her with the deference due to a queen.

I did so, as I mentioned at the time, in deference to general opinion, for many would call it superfluous breaking.

Dog BreakingWilliam Nelson Hutchinson

The deference they paid and his assured acceptance of it showed him to be a man of importance.

The Yukon TrailWilliam MacLeod Raine

On his arrival the blinds would be pulled down in deference to his wish for a more perfect privacy.

The Divine FireMay Sinclair

This deference made things much easier for the night professor, who otherwise would have suffered many an indignity.

The Music MasterCharles Klein

Of late years, too, Francesca had treated him with a sort of deference which he got from no one else in the world.


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.