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adjective as in complimentary

noun as in pass

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As soon as someone can find a job that pays better, offers medical benefits or worker’s comp, or puts less physical strain on the body, they quit.

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The results don’t jump off the page, but using typical minor league metrics to evaluate the 30-year-old who missed three years isn’t likely to yield many comps.

The format would mean that speed climbing, considered somewhat gimmicky by most comp climbers, would be given equal weight to the more revered and established disciplines of sport climbing and bouldering.

His manager, Tony La Russa, even threw an Adam Wainwright comp on him.

Liberian taxes will be initially be deducted, but “MAY be comp'd” considering the “high priority International situation.”

But a bigger problem is that employers know why people get a PhD in Comp Lit or Religious Studies: so they can be a professor.

Co-producer Margaret Young added that she would be more than happy to comp Romney and Huntsman copies of the film.

LinkedIn is like a comp in real estate: the price that will help determine the worth of homes in that same neighborhood.

Forget CEO comp: Business and political honchos can pull down seven figures attending a few meetings.

The demonstrative adverb thus implies a relative adverb: comp.

In this participle the termination -ing seems almost equivalent to that of the past participle: comp.

Th' brokerage house iv Conem an' Comp'ny wint into th' hands iv a receiver to-day.

Sivral times I wint to th' dinin'-room intindin' to jine th' jovyal comp'ny there but quit at th' dure.

There is no hearth as ample in anny man's home as th' hearth th' Steel Comp'ny does its cookin' by.


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