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Their cement for coating walls is like ours; the stucco flat coloured, and the colours mixed with the plaster before laying on.

A Manual of the Historical Development of ArtG. G. (Gustavus George) Zerffi

After adding powdered recrystallized bichromate, the jelly compound is ready for coating or spreading on the paper.

In operation, a coating of coffee liquor is applied automatically, by means of a special device, to the outside of the drum.

All About CoffeeWilliam H. Ukers

The coating may be dyed to any color desired, so that 59coated and glazed papers are obtainable in a wide variety of shades.

From Paper-mill to PressroomWilliam Bond Wheelwright

Then it is given a coating of dilute nitric acid which is rubbed well into the wood fiber.

Mission FurnitureH. H. Windsor

It may be made partially waterproof by a coating of paraffine which has been previously dissolved in turpentine.

Outdoor Sports and GamesClaude H. Miller

He repeated this several times, until his tail was well stiffened with a coating of vinegar and snuff.

The Golden MaidenA. G. Seklemian

Magramite dissolved in alcohol is painted on the cardboard cans and when these are stoved the coating becomes insoluble.

Creative ChemistryEdwin E. Slosson

Pliny only says that a coating of stannum improved the taste of food, and guarded against verdigris.

Bind the wire to the sticks with thread, coating the thread with glue to make it hold fast (Fig. 37).


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.