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change one's mind

[ cheynj ]SEE DEFINITION OF change one's mind

Synonyms for change one's mind

  • amend
  • reassess
  • reevaluate
  • reexamine
  • rethink
  • review
  • revise
  • correct
  • emend
  • polish
  • rearrange
  • rehash
  • retrace
  • rework
  • consider again
  • go over
  • have second thoughts
  • recheck
  • replan
  • reweigh
  • run through
  • see in a new light
  • sleep on
  • take another look
  • think better of
  • think over
  • think twice
  • work over

Antonyms for change one's mind

  • spoil
  • ignore
  • refuse
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c.1200, "act or fact of changing," from Anglo-French chaunge, Old French change "exchange, recompense, reciprocation," from changier (see change (v.)).

Meaning "a different situation" is from 1680s. Meaning "something substituted for something else" is from 1590s. The financial sense of "balance returned when something is paid for" is first recorded 1620s; hence to make change (1865). Bell-ringing sense is from 1610s. Related: changes. Figurative phrase change of heart is from 1828.