Definition for give-up

noun as in refund

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Example Sentences

Of course it almost never happens,” she adds, “but people should not give up.

However, he asked her to give up her career as a political journalist—she subsequently became a book critic.

There is no indication that either side is going to give up.

And we all know how long Rick has spent agonizing over how much of his old self to give up in order to stay alive.

He gave up because he was caught and he had no choice but to give up.

If you have any thoughts of influencing me or my men to join the regular Confederate army, you may as well give up the idea.

But the Mexicans were not the people to give up their best province so easily.

Sometimes he would try to drive them away; but on being remonstrated with, would bewilderedly give up the attempt.

I give up Kullak and my concert plan, thinking I'll study with Deppe and come out under his auspices.

To lose a breath of the public approbation in his present state, were to give up fatally the only stay on which he rested.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for give up?

Give up most commonly means to quit—to stop trying.

Sometimes, it means to stop doing something, such as a habit or activity, as in I want to give up smoking. Close synonyms for this sense are quit and stop. More formal words cease and abstain. An informal term is swear off.

In specific situations, such as a game or competition, to give up is to resign, retire, withdraw, or, more informally, to bow out. Giving up in these cases can be seen as a form of surrender.

Give up is also used in a number of other ways.

To give up information is to reveal or disclose it, especially when forced to.

To give up a possession is to relinquish it.

To give up a person usually means to turn them over to the authorities or reveal their location.

What is another way to describe someone who doesn’t give up easily?

Someone who doesn’t give up easily might be described as determined, tenacious, unyielding, dogged, or steadfast.

What is another word for giving up power?

To give up power, especially an official position, is to abdicate, relinquish the role, or, step down. The word abdicate is quite formal; step down is informal.

How do you use give up in a sentence?

Give up has a lot of different uses. Most of them involve quitting or relinquishing something.

Here are some examples of give up in a sentence:

  • We can’t just give up—we need to keep trying. 
  • I’m going to give up on trying to write the essay for tonight.
  • She decided to give up sweets for a month.
  • The double agent gave up the location of the documents. 
  • He will never give up power unless he is forced to.

On this page you'll find 21 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to give-up, such as: allowance, compensation, discount, kickback, payment, and rebate.

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