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Without a unified standard, it’s important to be careful and do your research when purchasing a filter.

Their study, released in preprint, also suggests the power of careful initial targeting in reducing deaths.

Jung, like Freud, recognized that possibility and was generally careful not to be dogmatic in his conclusions.

Those are two very… unfortunately it’s a, it’s a fine line when you look at how careful people try to be about coding the language to sort of get around it.

I used a bandage, and it did a great job, but be careful to position it well the first time—when you remove it, fuzz from the cloth will stick to it.

The EPA felt that the State Department had not looked carefully enough at the impact of the pipeline if oil prices fell.

Here is our carefully curated list of the top cities to visit in 2015.

However, it deserves to be carefully studied in order to update the information which is provided to the volunteers.

Ferret is a carefully chosen comparison, implying diligence but absolutely no imagination.

They carefully scanned open windows along the route, looking for places where a shooter might hide.

After a bit of waiting, Mac decided that the smoke was floating from a certain direction, and we began to edge carefully that way.

There was no one in sight, and he carefully raised the cover a little way and tried to look in.

"It will go through, if I live," calmly replied Harry, as he carefully concealed the message in the lining of his coat.

And lifting them carefully one off the other, he took out a deal box that had stood in the lowest stratum.

We came down the rest of the mountain more carefully, though still a great deal too fast.


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