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adverb as in actively

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Scientists have long puzzled over how such waves give energetic particles their massive speed boosts.

Lately, she’s been struggling with fatigue, nothing too severe but a general sense of exhaustion, or, in her words, “not feeling as sharp and energetic as I’d like.”

It didn’t quite reach FRB brightness, but seemed energetic enough to be worth a second look.

Across the country, campaigns have made energetic efforts to engage AAPI voters.

There is an energetic shift from when organisms are in growth mode and move to maintenance mode, and then to what Bradley calls a “deeper state of dormancy.”

One day near Fulda, Shaquille went to a basketball clinic run by Dale Brown, the energetically eccentric basketball coach at LSU.

Listen, it takes a lot of effort to twirl energetically on a mountaintop and make it look good.

Sometimes he was welcomed, as when delighted Batoka men rolled energetically on their backs, slapping their thighs.

We know from prior research that when men feel threatened, they tend to energetically protect their status.

Mrs. Maloney sat on a stump near her daughter, and busied herself energetically with alternate nursing and painting.

Jess laid the dog down on a bed of moss as she spoke, and started energetically to scoop up piles of the fragrant needles.

And yet Puffin was a sincere man, and worked energetically according to his lights.

And Mrs. Davis bustled out of the cabin and energetically shooed the curious youngsters away.

When finally he was energetically kicked into the gutter, he wept a little with nervous rage.


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