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noun as in sound from electronic device

verb as in call for electronically

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Example Sentences

Getting jolted back into wakefulness by a harsh, robotic beep every morning isn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

If your computer has been making strange noises, such as the sound of constant disk access, a high-pitched whirring, or a warning beep, this might be your problem.

Soon we heard the frenetic stream of high-pitched beeps that indicated we had begun to collect functional images of his brain.

Those beeps were part of a big August 28, 2020 reveal of the nerve-watching tech by Neuralink.

With deadlines looming, calls to make and emails to answer, it was like my phone was alive, lighting up with job after job, demanding my attention with high-pitched alerts and jarring beeps.

From Time

The device issues an audible beep when any of these events occur.

When the battery gets low, they beep a lot, which causes people to disconnect them.

Every time the minute was up, the phone would beep, which was excruciating for the person crouching by a door vent.

"The beep's from the North Pole," the instrument man reported instantly.

You try to keep the beep increasing in loudness as it gets fainter if you are turning to either side.

Joe heard an insistent, swift beep-beep-beep-beep which would be the radars of the approaching jets.

When you are headed properly you pick up a steady beep on your radio.

They have a long pole, or staff, in their hands to beep themselves from falling.


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