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verb as in establish as real, genuine

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NFTs are digital certificates that authenticate a claim of ownership to an asset, and allow it to be transferred or sold.

Digital content is tokenized — or becomes an NFT — through a process called “minting,” which assigns a coin on a blockchain to any given work, authenticating as many copies the creators see fit.

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Evolving privacy regulations and policy changes from browsers and device makers have sparked many proposed solutions to replace the third-party cookie — authenticated solutions, fingerprinting and contextual approaches.

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Campaigns using people-based identifiers rooted in authenticated user data perform better across key metrics such as return on ad spend, cost per view, and cost per mille.

After selecting and authenticating the posters, Grégoire follows three fundamental criteria to assess the commercial value.

Without presidential intervention, the committee would certainly authenticate the Stalwart delegation.

“Her mission was to authenticate every fact,” says Dr. Eakin, a retired math professor.

The NCC is supposed to “authenticate” the shutdown via “a series of questions.”

The government used Simmons to authenticate 11 overt acts in the racketeering indictment of Welch and his deputy.

To authenticate his Vanity Fair article about interrogation tactics, Hitchens agreed to be waterboarded.

Not even miracles can authenticate a religion which preaches monasticism and celibacy.

Genius has availed only to authenticate itself as the normal activity of man, not yet to do the work of the world.

It was nothing unusual abroad to give cases, and to authenticate them with the names of the sufferers.

Macknight really did authenticate for himself the efficacy of impression with almost incredible feats of visual bravery.

When you receive a letter, you authenticate the period of receiving it, but not the date of a letter received by another.


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