Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


And es for Dick Butler; he's too allfired pompous an' domineerin' for anybody to live with, anyhow.

An' he was so allfired fast with his gun that he'd make a streak of lightnin' look like it was loafin'.

It was as much as I could du to keep from jumping over the counter and hugging him, I was so allfired glad.

"Not much fear of that," sez he, and he opened a drawer and took out an allfired heap of trousers.

I jest got a good peak into it as she went through the door, and an allfired harnsome room it was.

Cousin John supposing we take a drink; it's an allfired cold day, and you look as if you couldn't stand it.

I bellered right out a crying, I was so allfired glad tu see the poor gal happy once more.

With the hat on and the jacket you might have took her for an allfired harnsome boy, but there was no mistake about the rest.

She's allfired jealous of the York gals, and dreads them that dance like Miss Elssler as a cat hates hot soap.

It was an allfired overgrown candlestick a standin on legs, and eenamost as tall as I be.