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A lot of restaurants are accumulating debt via loans or depleting whatever funds they have left, the hole is going to be too big to get out of which will result in many more restaurant doors closing.

From Eater

Some sought thousands of dollars in unpaid rent that had accumulated over months.

To learn how much ice is accumulated and how much of it slides off the continent, scientists set up special survey stakes….

Officers who accumulate such complaints should be watched closely, re-trained or encouraged to seek other employment.

Amazon and Roku have each accumulated user bases of more than 40 million households, and Roku has built up its platform business to the point that it makes more money from selling ads and subscriptions than from selling devices.

From Digiday

Real understanding and actual truth accumulate more insidiously.

Bolstered by the momentum of Savage, Masters continued to accumulate up-and-coming conservative talent.

This means that their gene pools stagnate and accumulate increasingly harmful mutations.

To accumulate wealth so fast and on such a scale, it is necessary to eliminate independent law enforcement.

Until early November it was very easy to accumulate a large amount of money by selling, and re-selling highly modified cars.

These were frequently buried beneath deposits of stalagmite and other materials that must have taken a long time to accumulate.

Legends accumulate here around the persons of Arthur and his knights.

The weather has turned to rain again, and the country is losing the snow, whilst the trenches accumulate the rain and mud badly.

What a vocabulary one could accumulate, if from six to eighteen he added only two words a day!

To accumulate as quickly as possible the amount of money needed to enable us to lead an idle life.


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