[ adjective, noun ag-ri-git, -geyt; verb ag-ri-geyt ]SEE DEFINITION OF aggregates

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No single particle of the elements is visible, but only the aggregates of them are seen.

Equally unsatisfying is the statement that phenomena are aggregates of Karma.

He may perhaps here mean simply individual things as aggregates or ἀθροίσματα — a man, a stone, &c.

These are among the greatest pleasures and pains of the mature man, though they are aggregates formed by association.

Previous to 1838, the assessments were made by wards, and it is impossible to give the aggregates.

The seed stock of big-horn sheep now alive in the United States aggregates a pitifully small number.

Space is filled by aggregates of them, considered by some as groups of three, by others as clusters of a thousand.

I find nowhere a scope profound enough, and radical and objective enough, either for aggregates or individuals.

The same rule applied to States, for they were only aggregates of individuals.

But the reports are not uniform in method and in periods covered, and aggregates derived from them must be used with reserve.