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The toxin secreted by the bacteria Burkholderia cenocepacia unexpectedly proved to be the solution needed to create a mitochondria-friendly base editor.

New microscope and chemical analyses suggest that, like snakes, caecilians have glands near their teeth that secrete toxins.

He has helped show that the animals have separate glands for secreting mucus on their heads and poison on their tails.

These lingering cells secrete a potent mix of molecules that triggers chronic inflammation, damages the surrounding tissue structures, and changes the behavior of nearby cells for the worse.

These proteins are secreted by cells for the purpose of signaling and communication between cells.

Your body begins to secrete adrenaline, your cortisol levels rise, and your heart starts pumping faster.

They had ridden out of the bush and come on the road so suddenly that Black had no time to secrete himself.

When the alarm was given on a plantation that the Yankees were coming, the farmers made all haste to secrete their horses.

Two or three pads, each of which bears tubelike hairs that secrete a sticky fluid, are found on its under surface.

Frequently the nerves dilate the blood vessels of the skin, thus helping the sweat glands to secrete, by giving them more blood.

Secrete this somewhere on your persons and never show it except as an absolute last resort.


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