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prior is a synonym of preceding

adjective [ prahy-er ]

prior is another word for preceding

Preceding and prior refer to something that comes before something else (In the preceding book, our hero was kidnapped by the villain; According to a letter sent several days prior, the detective was on his way).

Preceding is almost always used to refer to things that come before something physically or tangibly (the preceding chapter; the preceding month), whereas prior can refer to things that have been previously arranged or decided, though they haven’t happened yet (a prior arrangement; a prior engagement).

Preceding and prior both are almost always followed by nouns. The exception is the phrase ‘prior to’.

Write about turning down a meeting or coffee date due to a prior engagement with the help of Grammar Coach.

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bottleneck is a synonym of impediment

noun [ bot-l-nek ]

bottleneck is another word for impediment

Impediment refers to an obstacle or hindrance (The blockage in the cave was an impediment to our progress).

Bottleneck refers to a place at which you can’t make any more progress. This is often a sudden narrowing of a road or passageway, or any point at which progress stops due to a sudden slowing down (There was a bottleneck at the bridge because a lane was closed).

Impediment refers to any kind of obstruction or hindrance that makes progress difficult or impossible, while bottleneck is a more specific type of hindrance (The broken machine caused a bottleneck so we finished the packing by hand; My twisted ankle was a severe impediment in the race).

Try writing about getting stuck in a bottleneck during a road trip with the help of Grammar Coach.

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asset is a synonym of benefit

noun [ as-et ]

asset is another word for benefit

✅ A benefit is something which is advantageous, helpful, or good (This experience will be a benefit to you in your career).

✅ An asset is something that is useful or desirable to have (His years of experience were an asset to the company).

✅ While both refer to advantages, benefit suggests the idea of improvement, whereas asset suggests the idea of added value (The garden is an asset to the property; A good night’s sleep will be a benefit to your mental health).

We’re certain these synonyms will be an asset to your vocabulary!

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