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noisy is a synonym of loud

adjective [ noi-zee ]

noisy is another word for loud

Loud is the best word to describe an intense or powerful sound, or something that makes that kind of sound (a loud bang; a loud engine).

Noisy is the best word to describe a lot of different sounds taking place simultaneously, especially in a way that is chaotic. Noisy can also describe making loud and annoying noises continually or persistently (The plumber was very noisy; a noisy environment).

✅ While loud and noisy have similar meanings and can be used synonymously, they’re a bit different. Noisy suggests discordant and chaotic sound, whereas loud suggests coherent noise at high volume (loud music; a noisy crowd).

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experiment is a synonym of test

noun [ noun ik-sper-uh-muhnt; verb ek-sper-uh-ment ]

experiment is another word for test

Test and experiment both refer to methods of seeing whether something works.

Test implies a trial happening under defined and approved conditions (The mechanic did some tests of the brakes before taking the car out).

✅ An experiment can be scientific and controlled, or not (She was known for her experiments with uranium; He ran an experiment to figure out which of his friends would call him first).

✅ A test can also be the final stage in a series of experiments, and in this context the test will be to see if the thing in question works (the final test of the new airplane) .

Test and experiment can also be used in a more everyday context: test implies something is being done as a practice run, whereas experiment implies figuring out a way to do something (test of the temperature of the water; experiments in the kitchen).

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outspoken is a synonym of frank

adjective [ out-spoh-kuhn ]

outspoken is another word for frank

Frank and outspoken both describe someone who openly expresses their opinions (The new boss was very frank with me about his expectations; My friend tends to be pretty outspoken).

Frank suggests someone who speaks in a straightforward and unreserved way (The critic was frank about her opinions on the movie).

✅ Outspoken can suggest someone who offers their opinions without being asked, whether or not that is appropriate in the circumstances (Everyone who knew him knew he was outspoken in his hatred for pickles).

Outspoken usually has a slightly more negative connotation than frank, but frank can sometimes be used as a more polite or veiled way to call someone rude (I wouldn’t invite him, he can be quite frank; The host was very outspoken about their political opinions).

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